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tv   Today  NBC  January 31, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back now with moref "today" this thursday morning january 13, and we hear more of ed sheeran. a blustery day and not stopping people outside the studio coming in perhaps to see tamron hall but more likely to see mr. sheeran. >> i was sitting right here, watching ed's performance. i turned around and all these nice young ladies were waving
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like this. i said, it's good to see you and they said to me, move, move, i was blocking their view of ed sheeran. for that, ladies, i apologize. >> it was the last time, it was freezing and the girls lined up. i like his hair. >> and he has talent. can we talk about the elephant in this room right now? >> what? >> there's a scent, shall we call it a smell warm frofting t the halls of studio 1a. what's happening here just because you can't smell it obviously at home, the rich smell of brussel sprouts, a certain kind of brussel sprouts. tamron will be cooking for us later in this hour and it's a home cooked meal and there have been, shall we say, complaints. >> there are complaints currently, i'm listening to them and throwing them away. people keep coming up to me and saying what are you cooking? what is that smell? it's not my cooking. >> then what is it?
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>> i went to savannah's room and i don't know what's going on, i don't know what it is, i believe it's s.g.'s dressing room, i will leave it at that. >> wow! >> but the smell, i promise you, it can't be my brussel sprouts unless they got some d grade brussel sprouts somewhere. >> just to orient our audience, the kitchen is upstairs and we're downstairs, still getting a blast furnace of brussel sprouts. >> it smells like a blast of sewer. >> she's describing it. >> and willie will be eating it later. >> and stay tuned for the cooking segment with tamron hall. >> i'm so embarrassed. we are talking about the blackberry overhaul. the new blackberry operating system is being released. you saw the chairman earlier with matt and savannah. the q10, still has that physical keyboard and z 10 that has the
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digital keyboard. >> you like it? >> i like the screen. >> if you look at it, a lot like the iphone. same concept, you swipe around and get apps. what they've done for this new iteration for the blackberry. they improved the browser. that was a problem for a lot of people. great for e-mails but not so great to use the web. the question is if you've gone to iphoned and left blackberry, what's your incentive? because the concept is the same. >> we're both on iphones after blackberry. and i feel i'm being played by apple and i have the iphone 5 and stood in line for every generation. that's my phone and i'm working it out. i'm steve jobs. i have been played. i'm really tired of hearing a new report about a new apple product, so it makes me kind of
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tempted. but i'm not buy iing any more iphones period. i'm done. i promise you i will not spend another dollar on an iphone. i will be 80 carrying an iphone 5. >> i just got her off the rotary a few weeks ago. i think what's missing from the blackberry is that one thing that gives it the edge from the iphone, sort of equal and comparable with the technology. they've come up to the iphone standards. >> is it faster? >> no, it's not faster, all things equal but the prices are about the same. on the subject of the way we communicate. big piece on the front page of the "wall street journal" this morning, talking about the fact they don't teach cursive handwriting in schools anymore. a lot of school districts are getting rid of it. say we don't use it anymore, what's the point? we'd rather use that time teaching people how to use a board. question is, when is the last
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time you sat down not signing a check or wrote a sentence or paragraph incursive? >> i keep a journal and have since third grade. i go back and tend to read what i wrote the day before. what was i thinking? what did i say? that's the only time i write. after years of being tortured in catholic school and hit over the head to have great penmanship, my handwriting is terrible. >> let's test your cursive skills. what is yours? >> mine is a marker. 92 mine is not. this is my message to you about my kicking. >> chill will? >> chill will meaning back off my cooking. you can see that clearly. >> here's mine. you did that on purpose. you wanted to do this segment so you could show off your handwriting. that's beautiful penmanship. you misspelled sprout. >> did i? >> no, i'm kidding. just trying to get you back at something. >> we will continue to enjoy the
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sweet smells. our take two is "30 rock" signing off after seven seasons. the nbc hit is saying good-bye. tonight is the last episode. it was a cult hit, never quite had the ratings it probably deserved but it did so much for tina fey and especially alec baldwin, brought him back into our lives and tracy morgan, of course. we'll miss the show. were you a fan? did you watch it? >> a huge fan of the show. it is one of these things you can think about how something can be critically acclaimed but the mass don't watch the show, much like the oscars, you think of all the films, that i don't know song number 99 and it makes $50 million but a movie like "both of the southern wild" makes a minimal amount. it's intriguing. i don't know what it says about critics and mainstream, this show is genius, no doubt. >> we will miss it. the last show is tonight an hour special. >> have a party planned? >> i will probably watch with my wife. >> we'll bring over the brussel
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sprouts. >> no, no. a cleanup after a series of deadly storms rolled through the eastern half of the u.s., at least two deaths are being blamed on the storms that left entire neighborhoods in the southeast littered with debris. cell phone video shows one tornado touching down in georgia and the weather system is making its way through the northeast where there are flooded roads and actually trapped some people in their cars. an emotional plea from former congresswoman gabby giffords on gun control. giffords spoke for just one minute on the issue and said too many children are dying and now is the time to pass gun legislation. wayne lapierre the nra vice president says the government should not dictate what people can lawfully own. police in arizona are searching for the gunman who shot up an office building and killed one person. police say the 70-year-old suspect got into an argument with some people in that phoenix building when he pulled out the gun and started shooting. two other people were also
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critically hurt. a top ranking democratic senator is being questioned about trips he took to the dominican republic. this week, federal agents removed dozens of boxes from the office of a prominent florida eye doctor, whose trips with senator robert menendez prompted an ethics complaint and the senator recently wrote a $58,000 check for two flights to the company owned by that doctor after questions arose about the trips. a squatter who took up residence inside a multi-million dollar florida mansion must now get out. the eviction papers were served on wednesday to the 23-year-old man who called this $2.5 million mansion home for about a month. his story got a lot of attention after he took up residence in the house, citing the adverse possession law. bank of america is actually the owner of the home. this little guy is feeling the burn, you might say. check it out. little bandit is too young to go
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outside for his walk but determined to get in daily exercise, even if it means sharing the treadmill with a pal. the puppy apparently could not get the hang of it but the song says it's the thrill of the flight and bandit definitely had the thrill of the tiger. he needs to get away from the backside. dangerous there. nine minutes after the hour. now, a check of the weather. >> good morning, guys. wave had so many cute puppies on the show today. someone else the girls think is cute. you have ed sheeran's group over there. i have mine. and the voices alreare a little deeper. we are looking at a pretty interesting situation setting up through the great lakes. you have this huge upper level low and winds are strong through the great lakes. they're still unfrozen. we are going to see the chance of lake-effect snow. we have lake-effect snow warnings in effect all across
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erie, pennsylvania, up to western new york and western michigan as well. we are looking at the potential for 12-18 inches of snow, perhaps even more than two feet of snow in some areas over the next 72 hours. i really don't think they're screaming for the snow. >> good morning. things will settle down a little bit this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds. the wind will be close to 40 miles per hou >> that is your latest forecast. tamron. >> all right. thank you. a journalist is on a worldwide chase to find proof that a man on trial for crimes against
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humanity is actually the cloned son of jesus christ. you got that? that's the premise of a new religious thriller "the sixth station." the author, linda stasi is a critic for the "new york post." >> good morning. >> good to see you, too. >> you're saying i'm a tabloid writer, i don't know how i got on this show. i will read this the rest of the weekend. >> i traveled with an ex-sorist priest at the vatican, studied with monks. >> is this a bar joke? >> the joke is what's a jaded tabloid writer like you doing in a nice place like this? i'm in a monastery with priests. it was just an incredible, incredible amount of research. i think i found something that is absolutely, i believe, has the dna of jesus christ on it
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and it exists in a monastery in italy. >> you have found, you suspect, the vaeil of veronica. explain to people you know. it is not in the bible. >> it is not in this bible. the sixth station of the cross, in almost every catholic church in the world they have the stations of the cross which are events that happened as jesus was carrying the cross. the sixth station of the cross depicts saint veronica wiping the face of jesus and a miraculous image appeared on the cross. the thing is there was no veronica but there is a veil of veronica. it actually, i believe, is the buri burr cloth -- burial cloth. >> look at this. on the left side this is shroud, a negative, not a positive image. on the right side is the actual veil of veronica. when the two are merged together, you actually get the real face of jesus christ. they match up precisely.
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they're hundreds of miles apart. in the book, "the sixth station," i actually traced the veil through 2,000 years of history and how it ended up in this little monastery. you say, how could it be if saint veronica never existed? that was a story made up in the middle ages. what it actually means is veronica is latin for true icon. so what i believe is that this was jesus' burial closth becaus 2,000 years ago i put a cloth on a jewish man's face when he died and wrapped the shroud around it which is why, according to a lot of researchers, these two images were together at one point. have to say, it has some feel, at least to the da vinci code and religious thriller. >> thank you. >> linda staci.
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[ male announcer ] now buy one nokia lumia 920 for just $99.99 and get a second one free at at&t. back now at jill's steals and deals. "today's" contributor and jill martin is here to walk us through items perfect for valentine's day. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> another holiday for love right around the corner. remind everyone how this works before we launch in. >> go on to right now. everything will sell out quickly. they have been. these are gifts you can give to someone else or to yourself for valentine's day, great staples. >> let's start out with the love scarf. i love the feel. >> 100% cashmere. retail $132. this is unisex. celeb fans include katie holmes, jennifer aniston and oprah, available in 10 colors. look now nice it is on you.
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>> this is so weighty. normally $132? >> the deal is $39, 100% cashmere. if you want it, go online now. >> popular gifts with valentine's perfume. >> do you speak french? >> my mother is a french teacher but i took spanish so i will do my best for tamron hall. that's all i know. the retail is $240. it's a three piece set in three fragrances each. the first is nantucket. go online. the second one is cashmere ma and the third is odevere. each comes in an etched perfume bottle from ritz carlton. $48 for the set and 80% off. i sprayed a little bit. i love the smoefl brussel sprouts but love the smell of this. >> you're so mean. >> cashmere adar is beautiful.
9:19 am
next, what is valentine's without a beautiful bouquet. these are organic flowers? >> just for our viewer. $189.85. equal friendly roses grown in an organic environment. we're showing them in a vase. they come 50 in a box so you can split them up and put them around for yourself. the other thing is check the shipping, prices vary. retail $189.95, the deal, $56.95, 70% off. >> i like that these are organic. you can actually smell the roses now. a lot of flowers have been removed of all their scents. these are beautiful. next up, kenneth j. lane heart. >> these are pendants. heart stud earrings or pendants, rhodium silver or 18-karat gold plate a 16 inch chain. they're 18 carat gold plated
9:20 am
total three carats, sold at nordstrom and celebs include anne hathaway and duchess of cambridge. the retail is $79. the deal, $18. >> wow! >> that's 77% off. >> that is excellent. this is so pretty. >> and classic. >> everybody would love that sxwrrkts i think. >> last but not least, what is valentine's day without -- >> lingerie. someone to wear this for or for yourself. the lace underwear set, sells $46-42, the floral lace comes in three colors an smooth lace comes in three patterns, all low rise. retail $36-42. the deal is $10. that's up to 76% off. >> i like these. >> yes. this is something for a special occasion. >> is it illegal to hold these up? >> i don't think so. >> i don't want to break any laws. >> not illegal for me. >> the love scarves and
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fragrance and cherche midi and organic bouquet and jewelry and lace underwear. log onto for coupon code and steals and deals, jill martin will put those on later. she's trying to try them on now. i'm not ready for them. just ahead. celebrity homes for sale from ashton kutcher's bachelor pad to an l.a. apartment. we replaced joe's smart phone with a samsung galaxy ii from straight talk wireless. he'll get the same great nationwide coverage for half the cost. let's see if he notices. everyone noticed. joe saved $950 a year. enough to buy some sweet mother of glory pyrotechnics. rock on, abigail. rock on. same phones, same networks. half the cost. a samsung galaxy s ll with unlimited everything just $45 a month. straight talk wireless. only at walmart. [ nyquil bottle ] just reading your label.
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 news and a baltimore. >> rain, two to three inches or so. that is out of the picture. gusts in the 30's and 40's. 42 to 47 for the hybrid steady temperatures throughout the day.
9:29 am
9:30 am
he went back. he doesn't want to do it. there you go. you can do it. there you go. [ applause [ applause ] >> the ravens! >> that settles it. the ravens will win the super bowl. jimmy fallon's scientific way to predict the super bowl. i wouldn't necessarily bet on that but maybe a good predictor of things to come. i'm willie geist and tamron hall. we are in the prep kitchen. i owe you an apology. it smells wonderful, fish and brussel sprouts. >> nothing like the dog food. >> what did he say zbrnchs. >> looks nothing like the dog
9:31 am
food on jimmy fallon. >> i thought we were girls. what happened. >> you've only been cooking for a year. >> keep going. >> considering you've been slopping around in a kitchen for a year, loser, thanks. >> too late now, my friend, you're in deep. he's out there for today's friday field trip. natalie with be with the super bowl rivals in baltimore and we're in the kitchen because tamron will whip up a nice meal for us. >> i will share with you because i like you a lot. >> basically i've been cooking for a year. dedicated a lot of time and energy. a friend gave me a cooking class last year and since then, i think i've accomplished something i want to share. >> good. we look forward to it. >> meantime -- my hands are sweating, i'm not kidding you -- did i put on deodorant? it's all nerves right now. >> we have your back, as you can
9:32 am
see. >> let's see if i have your tummy. most americans will be watching the big game sunday from their living room. believe it or not, there is still time to buy a really big big big willie style tv. we'll tell you where great deals are. i don't believe in big tvs? >> no. >> what do you have a 19-incher to watch the super bowl? terrible. do you want to live like a star? if you have millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. we'll check out celebrity homes for sale from ashton cukutcher barry bonds. >> i smelled brussel sprouts and that won me over immediately. i'm serious with that. weather will get better. it's time for counterfeit food. as the colder air starts to surge back in we are done with severe storms yesterday and last night. tomorrow, the wind over the great lakes unfrozen will produce a lot of lake-effect
9:33 am
snow. we could end up with two feet of snow within the next 72 hours, snow possible in the northern plains and ohio river valley sunday and showers northeast as well and looks sunny andks >> good morning. it will still be windy today. the wind will be close to 40 miles >> that is your latest forecast. willie. >> thanks a lot. to today's real estate with a peek inside at celebrity homes for sale across the country. today's real estate contributor, barbara, good to see you.
9:34 am
on balance, is it an advantage to have the celebrity name attached to a home? does it bring more money than it might get otherwise? >> that's the million dollar question. everyone is asking how much value does it add? my guess is between 15 and 25% depending how popular that celebrity is for the moment. >> ashton kutcher is a pretty popular guy and has a nice bachelor pad. >> good looking. >> no question. coming up, the apple movie coming out and playing steve jobs and you now can have his home. >> you can have it a beautiful place. 2.85 million, a long way from the prices in the town he grew up in grand rapids, michigan you can get the same home for a tenth of the price. he actually, before he married demi moore, renovated the entire place with his dad. think they should have hired a stager, every wall is done by him and his dad and open plan with high ceilings and two story wine cellar that hold 210 bottles in the background and a lush and private backyard that
9:35 am
really adds the value in this house, a three-tier cascading waterfall. pool and spa. that is a beautiful house and well priced. >> $2.85 is a fair price? >> only because his name is attached to. i other than that, not at all. >> serena williams, has an apartment on the market for $1.85 million. >> this is really a starter home most great celebrities start on wilshire boulevard. this is only $1.85 million. it only has two bedrooms, this is what you get. 2400 square et. she paid a little bit less than $500,000 less for it than she bought it. she's looking to make a killing. beautiful, show eswhite, clean, a place anybody can move into. walls of windows and nice city views. that would kill me the window on the left, i would feel like i would fall out of it. the building has a concierge and spa and gym and the corner terrace and too bad it wasn't a little bit higher with the city
9:36 am
views. >> we're making a big leap also in los angeles, barry bonds, a little bit of infamily given his steroid past. 25 million bucks. he was on house arrest a few years ago for obstruction of justice. is this where he's on house arrest. >> actually, he's trying to appeal the house arrest and didn't want to serve the 30 days. why wouldn't you want to do those 30 days. it's a mediterranean state with 2.5 acres and wait until you see the living room comes with the bear and fish tank and tv. kind of a wacky rendition of a room. everything in this place is fancy. soaring ceilings, some as high as 30 feet tall. hand-painted murals. that's the gym the guy works out in a man-sized gym, all he needs is a mike khouw angelo on the roof and that's your pool and
9:37 am
house in the background, big backyard not. but for $25 million, it's overpriced. >> $25 million is a steep price to pay. our last one is howie mandel malibu place going for 7.75 million bucks. a good deal? >> a good deal. it's a clean house. you cannot find a speck of dirt in his house, nuts over germs. he's asking $500,000 more than a year ago. is he going to get it? yes. the malibu market is hopping. he's smart to take it off the market and cash in. there's an all white kitchen. is that clean enough? look at that floor. i don't think anybody has ever made a meal there. theater, office, gym, guesthouse, meticulous bedroom and out back it has a flat lot with a huge patio. that's beautiful, that house. this one will fly off the market. >> a beautiful house. that "deal or no deal" goes a long way.
9:38 am
nice place, howie. not bad. up next, tamron shows off those cooking skills. we cannot wait. we'll join her in the kitchen after this. rgin i do have a healthy diet, but there are foods that i had no idea had so much acid in them. my dentist said that the acid in fruit, or fruit juice or fruit teas softens the enamel so that then it can potentially erode. once that enamel is gone, it's gone. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel to help harden that enamel so that it's not brushed away. pronamel protects your teeth from the effects of acid erosion. i don't have to cut out the things that i love in my diet. i can have the best of both worlds with pronamel. i new honey bunches of oate tgreek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. something this delicious could only come from nature.
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. and "i have no idea what i'm doing," you need a hand. well, walgreens is innovating to help. by making prescription refills this easy. and we're bringing our pharmacists out front to answer your questions. at walgreens, we'll do more than help you get well. we'll help you stay well and live well. because that's what it really means to be at the corner of happy and healthy. a couple days ago you may have heard tamron tell us she spent the last year, finally at the am in of 29, learning how to cook. we decided to put her to the
9:42 am
test this morning. yesterday, we asked her to come up with something special. she's here to show us the skills. back story first, you decided you wanted to learn how to cook at this point. got yourself some lessons? >> yes. >> where are you now in the process? >> a year later, i think i'm oka okay. i think i'm like a lot of people. for 29 years eaten every meal in takeout. my mom, love ya, not a good cook either. i come from a second generation of bad cooks. my dad did all the cooking my entire life, every meal. i decided to learn to cook partly in honor of my dad and partly to survive. okay. what are we making? >> we're making a dish i make for myself probably two or three times a week. one of our amazing "today" show team members has been my coach, the wing beneath my wings. this is me recipe but i mastered
9:43 am
it. you start off, you score your fish. that basically means you cut through the skin of the finish. that keeps the skin of the fish from crinkling. you try it. i like bronzino because it's a light fish. you can use any white fish. and add a little more on both sides. i'm in the infancy of my cooking. you salt that bad boy up. i have to get a signature thing like bam but not bam. i don't have it yet. you put a little pepper on there on the other side, too. i'm really nervous, i have to be honest. >> let me do it for you. >> my hands are shaking. the deal also heat your oil up and put the oil in the pan. what was taught to me was the oil needs to dance across the pan. you place your fish skinside down, go ahead, willie.
9:44 am
about five minutes, all you need, five minutes, make sure the heat is hot. that's one of the mistakes i made, sticks to the pan, doesn't look very good. once you flip your fish on the other side two minute, this is what you come up with. >> a quick hit. >> you have five minutes on the skin side. remove your fish, plate that. i would suggest you put it in a tent of foil to keep it warm. now, your sauce. shallot, a sprig of thyme i only learned three months ago what a sprig of thyme was. i had to google it. put it in there. then, willie, i put in white wine. a lot of people don't like to cook with what they think is alcohol. you're not boozing it up. cooking the alcohol out of it. let that simmer and go down to half of what you have. here's your sauce. i am from the south and love butter. put in a little butter in there and whisk that up for me, willie. >> that is strong. >> that's what you come up with. >> once you put this down, put
9:45 am
it over the fish. it's amazing. every cook -- oh, my god! >> by the way, you're one to talk. >> i'm sorry. >> tamron learning to cook, that is my stick. >> this is brussel sprouts. i roast every vegetable. it's amazing, try one. dig in. this is from boulevard, a famous restaurant from san francisco, potatoes with arug la whipped in. i made this, not this but one like it and savannah, i have mastered at least five things. >> let me tell you something, i was watching your segment. i actually understood what happened. you went nice and slow for people like us. >> we're in different categories, you're a beginner,
9:46 am
intermediate. >> well i can still fa breeze this. >> this is where i am -- >> this time next year, i will be further along. >> you didn't taste my fish yet. >> these are delicious. >> this is burning but i will take care of it. the recipe is on is it? >> it is now. >> i'm proud of you. >> my dressing room smells great. you writer just teasing. >> i'm in full sweat. i think i'm going through the change. >> the big screen for the big game, best tv deals right after this. will willie, eat! good grief, i slaved over this! f my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas.
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but it's definitely the one i was born for. [ clattering, children laughing ] and...action. that's me. and this is my windows phone. [ male announcer ] now buy one nokia lumia 920 for just $99.99 and get a second one free at at&t. this morning on "today's" tech, if you've been in the market for a television, turns out super bowl season is the time to find a good deal. mario armstrong is our digital contributor, ravens style. we know who you're rooting for for the big game. >> obviously. >> the question is how are you going to watch the game? how should we watch the game. >> the first thing i want folks to do, cut out the cardboard or whatever you have around the house for the screen size. a couple tips you should know. do the research online, read the reviews and know the size you actually want in the space.
9:51 am
also, invest in sound, many have puny speakers and don't sound great. cut out a piece. this is 47 inches. if you were to hang this up on the wall, it would give you a sense of what you're shopping for. most importantly, when you're doing super bowl events, the angle. not everyone will be watching this dead on. people will be looking at it at an angle and make sure the tv has a good angle for viewing. >> and look at it from all scenarios. >> don't hang it too high. >> you don't want to be in the front row of a movie theater, don't hang it together. >> what is the average price? the more money you spend the better? >>. >> that's not always the case, depending on the room side you're in. you're talking 700 to 1,000 for these specials. this one is an lg, under 600 bucks. this one is at target, looks great, beautiful, for $579, a
9:52 am
great tv, 77 inches, not huge but will fit in most rooms. >> this one is pretty easy to mount compared to others? >> lightweight. you want to make sure when you are mounting you're looking out for lighting an any of those issues. also the height once again of mounting. one drawback with this guy, two hdmi ports. those are the things you connect like your cable box and dvd player, not a lot for a lot of folks, you may want four. >> why do you like this one? >> this is a sony, internet tv, bigg bigger, 50 inches and off by 200 bucks on and internet tv and you can get access to hulu or web content. >> good for a family that can use it in a lot of ways. >> the big dog, 60 inches, smart tv. >> you can connect to the web and pull up facebook or youtube or huh huhulu.
9:53 am
>> you don't need a computer. >> this one is very huge, 60 inch. you look at the side, very thin. the issue is puny speakers. the sound on these things -- i went to my aunt's house, if she's watching, don't get mad at me. this is my wife's aunt. she had beautiful screen, beautiful playoff game going on, puny speakers. i'm hooking you up, got to get that sound bar. >> pretty good deals. we're back in a moment at nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
tomorrow, super bowl theme, field trip, al live in san francisco and natalie in baltimore. >> first your news and weather.
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